Larrabee Project Overview

Larrabee is a desirable POI and was identified by PJM for the solicitation. One of the closest locations to the offshore wind farms, it is a low-cost option.

  • CWL has a site control option near Larrabee to site our onshore HVDC convertor station. 
  • Coastal Wind Link partners’ unrivaled experience with offshore and onshore underground construction and past success working with state and federal agencies on permitting makes them uniquely qualified to develop the site.
  • To give the BPU added flexibility, Coastal Wind Link submitted two options for the site:
  •  320 kV transmission line that could deliver 1,200 MWs, and has the lower total cost: and
  • 400 kV transmission line that could deliver 1,400 MWs, with the lowest cost per MW of capability. The 400kv option would best support New Jersey’s goals providing efficiencies as new areas are developed and turbines increase in size.