Coastal Wind Link: Best on land, best at sea, best for New Jersey

What is Coastal Wind Link?

A joint venture between PSEG and Ørsted, the Coastal Wind Link aimed to provide a reliable, economical and environmentally responsible network for bringing offshore wind power to New Jersey homes and businesses. The Coastal Wind Link’s unique design features an interlinked, or meshed grid, that uses high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology. It aimed to deliver superior reliability to meet New Jersey’s needs today and support the anticipated technological advances of tomorrow’s wind farms.

An Unrivalled Team

  • Ørsted is the world’s largest offshore wind developer
  • PSEG is New Jersey’s leading transmission developer

Minimizes Environmental Disturbances

  • Deploys the latest HVDC  technology, reducing the number cables 
  • Leverages existing right of ways and infrastructure, including retired power plant

Best Project for Achieving NJ’s Clean Energy Future

  • Provides unmatched reliability in delivering carbon-free energy to New Jersey customers
  • Instantly routes power to North, Central and Southern New Jersey as needed
  • Unique mesh grid design will save customer more than $20 million a year
  • Expandable to achieve the state’s updated 11 GW offshore wind target

$1.5 billion added to NJ economy

  • 9,000 additional one-year jobs
  • $900 million in economic opportunities for local companies

PSEG and Ørsted teamed up to form Coastal Wind Link, offering unmatched, real-world expertise onshore and offshore. PSEG’s subsidiary, Public Service Electric & Gas, is New Jersey’s largest and oldest utility, while Ørsted is the global leader in offshore wind, having installed 7.6 GW of offshore wind capacity worldwide.

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